How To get Free Tuition at OCC  


Jordan L. Beaudoin  , Staff Writer

Ocean County College has many great things to offer for all incoming and current students such as clubs, classes, degrees, events, but especially lowering the cost of tuition when it comes to their education.  

Students may find themselves in trouble when it comes to financials for school. There are many options that Ocean County College will give to students to help them out. Students can receive Pell Grants, NJ Stars, and many other scholarships and even financial aid programs.  

At the College, students may be eligible for free tuition depending on their Financial Aid status.  

Students may receive free tuition by going online and applying for Financial Aid. Students can visit: to fill out a free application at no charge. 

The application will ask multiple questions about income. On the application, students must choose Ocean County College.  

Once submitted, it will take up to five days for Financial Aid to get back to the college for them to decide how much the school and financial aid will help pay for.  

The amount of coverage that the student will receive is based on the income amount that is put in on their application. Some students for instance will receive free tuition.  

Students’ books and other select fees will also be covered. Students can also receive free tutoring, counseling services, and much more.  

If help is required, students can make an appointment with Financial Aid in building nine with the hub or contact them at 732.255.0481 or [email protected].