Dywanye Haskins Lawsuit

Michael Zanetti, Sports Writer

There is new unseen information regarding Dywayne Haskins death one year later. Dywayne Haskins’ wife and family have filed a lawsuit claiming that Haskins was part of a blackmail conspiracy.Haskins, 24, was struck and killed by a dump truck last year on April 9th of 2022, in the early morning, as he tried to cross interstate 595 on foot. The autopsy revealed by the Broward County Medical Examiner claims Haskins cause of death “multiple blunt force injuries” and the incident was deemed an “accident.”The lawsuit alleges that four of the 14 defendants, Karlee Peyton, Joey Smith, Meriem Yassine, and Wissal Yassine, drugged Haskins “to blackmail and rob him causing him and/or contributing to cause him severe injury and death,” though the suit does not include details about the allegations, per Justin Tasch of the NY Post.In a statement Haskins attorney Rick Ellsley said the driver of the dump truck, Oriel Patino, was going above the speed limit, had excessive cargo, brake system problems, and had low tread tires with separate sidewalls. Haskins was also on the side of the road trying to wave down cars for 20 minutes. Ellesley also alleges that the former Steelers and Commanders quarterback was targeted and drugged as part of a blackmail robbery conspiracy. Haskins’ watch was stolen hours before his death and that there were drugs found in his urine samples, via SNY Sports Shorts the New York Post.Steelers officials told the medical examiner’s office that Haskins went to dinner and then a club with a friend or his cousin the night before he died. They “drank heavily” there before getting into a fight and separating, the report said, via the Herald.Haskins played in the NFL for only 3 years playing for the Commanders and eventually getting a second chance on the Steelers. Throughout his two seasons at Washington he threw for 2,804 yards 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in his 14 starts.