Rodgers Intends to Play With Jets In 2023


Nithin Ramachandra, Staff Writer

Aaron Rodgers made an appearance yesterday on the “Pat McAfee Show” as the whole world was watching whether or not he will tell everyone about his future. He joined the show around 1 p.m. Eastern along with the producers, Pacman Jones And AJ Hawk. Rodgers hasn’t been on the program in a while because he was in a dark retreat trying to focus on his decision. Everyone was on their edge of seats watching the live show on YouTube.

Pat McAfee started off the interview asking about his retreat and how it was. Rodgers then explained what went on during the retreat and what he learned from it. At one point during the retreat, Rodgers was seriously considering retirement at 90 percent and playing 10 percent. Later on in the retreat, something changed for him as he then explained what happened with Green Bay when this retreat was finished. Aaron Rodgers thought they could have handled it a better way of letting him know directly that the Packers are thinking of moving on.

Aaron Rodgers loves Green Bay, the fans, moments, teammates and will always be in his heart. He was kind of upset at the Packers front office because they really never gave him what he wanted during the Pat McAfee Show later in his career. Also Green Bay’s president Mark Murphy last Friday said they wanted to move on and find another opportunity for Aaron Rodgers. Once that happened then he decided on his future the same day.

All the Jets fans, front office, players were waiting for Wednesday March 15 to come fast as Rodgers fate was on his hands. So yesterday Aaron decided that he was going to continue playing and his intensions is the New York Jets in 2023 live on the “Pat McAfee Show.” Both teams are still working on the trade and there are reports that Green Bay wants a first round pick. This will be interesting to see how long it will take to get finalized.