The Ocean County College Foundation recently accepted a $500,000 donation from the Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad to establish the Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Public Health Scholarship Fund. The donation will be used to support the College’s health sciences programs.

“The Ocean County College Foundation is honored to receive such a generous gift from the Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad,” said Ken Malagiere, executive director of the Ocean County College Foundation. “This expendable fund will be dedicated to scholarships in nursing and the health sciences as well as support public health programming for Ocean County College students, and our broader community.

“This major gift is an example of the Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad’s commitment to healthcare and public health, a testament to its years of service to the Ocean County community, and a recognition of the important role Ocean County College plays in preparing our students to serve that community in the future,” added Malagiere.

“The Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad proudly provided prehospital emergency medical services along the Barrier Island sections of both Brick and Toms River Townships for 70 years,” the organization said in a statement. “Founded in 1952, dedicated volunteers staffed ambulances and treated medical emergencies without charge to the public. In honor of those dedicated volunteers who gave of themselves and in celebration of their service to the community, Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad offers financial support to those pursuing studies in the Public Health/Sciences Fields.“

The Ocean County College Foundation, a private non-profit organization, is dedicated to the growth and development of Ocean County College through scholarships, endowments, and capital and special projects. Originally established to provide scholarships to students attending Ocean County College, the Foundation has expanded its outreach to partner with community leaders in business, industry, education, and government to reach a common goal to provide quality, affordable education for our students and to prepare them for successful careers while making a positive impact in our community.

For more information about the Ocean County College Foundation, visit go.ocean.edu/foundation or call 732-255-0492.