A Letter to You



You are perfect. You are perfectly imperfect. In a world that profits off of your
insecurities, remember every single person has them, even the people you look up to. I know
right now things might seem confusing and you might feel lost or unsure. And I think this part
of the process is one of the most freeing spaces to be in. When everything is up in the air and
nothing is finalized, there are no ends to possibilities. While figuring out what it is that you want
from life, remember that you take nothing with you, but you leave everything. So while you’re
here in this life, in this time, do things from the heart. Be honest, even if your voice trembles.
Stand up for what you believe in while staying open to being wrong. Be graceful and grateful.
Stay humble even in the toughest times. These tribulations are to help you grow. When we look
at hardships as opportunities to “level up” we do so with full intent. Embrace failure. Failure is
an opportunity to step forward without ego and learn. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the things you
like even if they’re not popular. Popularity is overdone and boring. Be kind even when others
aren’t and hold your integrity. Embrace opportunity even if it feels daunting or scary, you might
just love it! And question everything.

It’s okay to not want the white picket fence, the partner, the house, and three dogs. It’s
okay to not want to take the regular route of high school to college but maybe a different path
of high school, trade school, or no school. Don’t not try because you don’t feel good enough.
Not feeling good enough is a lie we tell ourselves to keep a constant routine. Not good enough
is self-sabotage. You are good enough. You’re better than good enough. It’s okay to want
something that’s not seen as normal, go for it. Figure out how to get there. Get really real with
yourself and do the research before taking the plunge.

No road is the wrong road. I have spent a huge portion of my life believing and
accepting that I’m doing it all wrong. That I suck, and there is no future for me. I was what they
call a victimizer or narcissist. Yup, I can totally admit that. What I believe I wanted was only a
direct picture of what I believed I deserved. And I’m here to tell you, I still made it to where I
dreamt of being. It’s okay to not know what your dream looks like yet. In fact, it can be blissful
not knowing. I don’t mean not knowing while sitting on my couch eating leftovers and watching
t.v. when bills are past due and the dog is crying. I mean filling out an application for a job or
internship you believe you’re underqualified for. I mean saying yes to a daunting 5-page paper
for a scholarship to a school you don’t think you’re smart enough to go to. I mean not know
what the heck you’re in for but doing it anyway. And while you might be working a minimum
wage job, living at home, over flooded with school work, and wanting to give up, there is an
end. And that end is up to you. The opportunity to go further into not knowing is one worth
taking, even if it’s just to challenge yourself.

Challenge is good. Believe it or not, we as humans love challenges. Challenge makes
life interesting and it pushes you to believe in yourself even if you don’t believe in yourself right
now. You are the only one who can push your life forward, who can make your dreams happen.
School is challenging and sometimes you might ask if it’s even worth it. I did. But there’s this
sense of challenge in it where I actually enjoy proving to myself ( and only myself) my potential.

I understand the hardship of being “young” and not feeling young. I understand the
desire to break rules and be your own person. I understand how tiring society can be. I also
understand and believe that perspective paints reality. How you see the world is how you will
walk through it. How you choose to embody love and pain ultimately shows up in your life the
same way. I’m not brushing off hardships. Trust me, I know how hard it can get, how dark it
can be. But as a friend or a confidant, I promise you the rain stops and the sun comes back
out. Just give it time.

Lastly, I want to remind you to breathe! Silly thing to be reminded of I know. But in
moments where every wall is closing in, I hope you think of me holding your hand and telling
you to breathe. You got this.