Save Some $ on Gas


Jacob Serrano, Editor

Wawa is back with its coupon at the pump, saving customers 15 cents per gallon when they pay through the Wawa app until May 8. 

With gas prices skyrocketing to start 2022, the price of oil has gradually reduced, coming down from its highs of over $120 per barrel, now hovering around $100 per barrel of oil.  

Yet many consumers are still feeling four dollars per gallon or more at the pump.  

For college students, the burden is even tougher as prices increase and their tuition is still owed. 

Wawa is offering this month-long deal and could potentially reduce some of the burden on consumers. 

How does it work? Well, download the Wawa app from the app store, create a free account and take advantage of this deal. 

Once a customer arrives at the pump, click the fuel section of the app to get started and then select the location. 

Then it will prompt the customer to select a pump number or the pump they are currently at. 

Once this is done, the pump will be activated, and the consumer will pay through the app, pinging the pump and turning it on. 

The last time Wawa did this was during the month of October in 2021.  

Further details and instructions will be available in the app.