COP26 and the Climate Crisis

Jacob Serrano, Editor

By now, almost everyone has heard of Climate Change, Global Warming, or most recently the Climate Crisis.

The World is at a crossroads right now between saving the planet and doing so while also meeting the needs of the people.

It’s about timing and doing it right, so the economy is not taken down with it, although there are some people that say we are out of time and it needs to be done now and that’s the issue the governments are dealing with and trying to find ways to transition off the old ways of doing things. 

Over 200 countries are at the COP26 or the Climate Summit, to hash out deals to save and restore the environment for the future.

The United States is already seeing a lot of push forward towards renewable energy, a reduction of CO2 emissions, and trying to make the nation as green as possible. 

With the Climate Crisis comes a lot of problems, the world has already started to see the rise in oceans. Just here in New Jersey, there has been historically flooding and the worst is yet to come. 

Here are a few articles that dive deeper into the COP26 and the Climate Crisis.