Club Spotlight – OCC Math Club


Matthew Cavallo, Staff Reporter

Ocean County College has various different clubs that you can join. This week we will spotlight the Math Club.

The vice president for this Club is Kylie Smith. You can contact her by emailing
[email protected]

If you are looking around for a club to join here at Ocean County College a great option
is the Math Club. “You don’t have to be great at math to join! We truly do things that make math
interesting and fun.” Smith said.

The club offers various workshops. “We have done a workshop about math anxiety and a
cool Pythagorean Theorem puzzle to visually see the theorem in a visual way. Our next meeting
is going to be so cool too,” Smith said. “It’s a math in art event. I know math club can sound intimidating but
it’s actually really fun!”

The club meets the first Friday of every month in the Instructional Building (Building 5)
in Room 115 or via WebEx. They’re next meeting will be on Dec. 3 at 10 a.m. They also
have a bake sale coming up in December as well.

Another great reason to join this club is it helps with future opportunities. If you hold an
officer position it is something you can add to your resume and college applications. The club
also offers scholarships.

If this club sounds like something you are interested in you can email
Smith (email listed above). They also have an email list on Outlook. All you need to do is submit
your school email and you will be added to an Outlook email list. You will then receive emails
every now and again to get agendas for upcoming meetings and receive minutes for any meetings
you miss! Another place you can find them is on the Ocean Connect app under “Math Club.”

Do you want your club in the Spotlight? Email me at [email protected] to
be featured.