Giants Painful Loss Leads To Last Minute Chiefs Victory

Jacob Serrano, Editor

Leading up to this matchup, there was some optimism that the Giants (2-5) may have the Chiefs (3-4) number. Both teams have been struggling in their ways this season despite the records.

The Giants did all they could to stop the Chiefs in this slugfest. With the defense all over this season’s turnover-prone Patrick Mahomes, yet the defense only came away with 1 interception. 

Penalties were the backbreaker for the Giants. The Giants had the Chiefs stopped late in the 4th quarter, but with an offside that would take away a key interception and a face mask, the Chiefs would go down the field with what would be the game-winning field goal. The Giants next drive would stall as the Chiefs defense rose to the occasion.

The Chiefs would squeeze this one out 20-17 on Monday night football.

Derrick Gore and the Chiefs Run Game

Derrick Gore in only his second NFL game played was 48 yards on 11 carries and averaged 4.4 yards per carry with 1 touchdown. 

Gore turned it on for the Chiefs and while it’s not a “perfect” stat line, it’s the production and the way he was playing during the game that showed a bit of hope for the Chiefs and their run game.

Gore was an undrafted free agent in 2019 before being picked up by the Chargers. In his first season with the Chiefs and the injury to Clyde Edwards-Helaire, the opportunity presented itself and Gore took advantage. 

With Mahomes and the offense off-balance, the run game was a safe, productive complement as the Chiefs total rushing yards for the night was 107. 

A Giant Problem

The Giants in this one played a competitive game and were in it until the end. NY just couldn’t finish the game, ultimately leading to their defeat.

Self-inflicted penalties setback the team with a total of 10 for 88 yards given up. While the Chiefs had 12 penalties the Giants came in costly, key moments of the game.

Star rookie WR Kadrius Toney would leave the game with an injury (thumb) as well as WRs Dante Pettis and Sterling Shepard. With Saquon Barkley and no Kenny Golladay, the injury fallout continues for the Giants.

The Giants are going to need to get healthy soon if they want any chance at saving or improving this season. Unfortunately for NY fans, it is just another problem that adds to the Giants poor saga. 

Turnover Chiefs

The Chiefs end the game as the top turnover team in the NFL, yet they are the only team this season to lead in turnovers to be above 500. 

The Chiefs talent is there, yet it is just not the same Super Bowl Caliber roster fans are used to seeing. Teams have just honed in on the Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The defense for the Chiefs isn’t much help either and if the Chiefs want to return to the postseason they are going to have to rewrite the script and prepare for a red hot Packers squad.

Coming up

Both teams will have tough matchups coming up on a short week.

Kansas City (4-4) will face Green Bay (7-1) in Arrowhead on Sunday.

New York (2-6) will play Las Vegas (5-2) at Metlife on Sunday.