Bubbakoo’s at OCC


Staff Report

On September 7, Bubbakoo’s Burritos opened at Ocean County College.

Paul Altero, the co-founder and CEO of Bubbakoo’s, is already well-acquainted with the College campus: the entrepreneur is an OCC alumnus whose success has now led him back to the place that encouraged him to pursue his ambitions.

“We’re so excited to continue to cement our Jersey Shore roots by serving the students and faculty at OCC. This school has done a lot for me personally and I couldn’t be happier to give back,” remarked Altero, who is quick to acknowledge the professors who supported him while he endeavored to attain his associate’s degree.

“It was 100 percent the right choice,” Altero said of his decision to attend OCC. “How could it not be a great choice? It’s affordable, and you get a quality education. … Community college is an awesome option.”

After earning an A.S. in Business Administration in 1993, Altero continued his education at the University of Delaware. He had “really enjoyed” the business classes he took at OCC, and when he started his bachelor’s degree program in hotel, restaurant, and institutional management, he felt prepared. Ocean County College, he explained, had encouraged his “maturity and academic acumen.”

In 2008, Altero and Bill Hart opened the very first Bubbakoo’s Burritos in Point Pleasant. The two men shared a vision focused on the complete customization of entrees with fresh ingredients – the innovative menu allows customers to pick and choose what they want, and create something different every time they visit – as well as an emphasis on customer service.

Bubbakoo’s Burritos’ build-your-own-burrito concept has been expanding throughout the United States, broadening the brand to new platforms, and introducing a Mexican-fusion style cuisine to new places. Many Bubbakoo’s restaurants have been established since 2008: currently, there are 55 locations across nine states, and more than 100 locations signed.

At OCC, Bubbakoo’s is working with the College to help facilitate lower-priced menu options to address student food insecurity, and, in addition, the company has committed to partner with the School of Business and Social Science, which includes a Hospitality program, to offer students opportunities to work within the organization.