Marquee Cinema Shows Classic Films


Nicole Sarang Gural

The Marquee Cinema shows a different classic movie presented by Flashback Cinemas  every week with various showtimes.

Flashback Cinemas is an organization that hosts screenings of classic movies in theatres located across the United States. The Marquee Cinema is the only theatre in New Jersey for those interested in watching. Starting March 5 to March 11, “The Never Ending Story” will be available for viewing. The film will then be replaced by “The Quiet Man” on March 12. Starting March 19 the iconic Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction” will join the theatre.

The Marquee Cinema can be found in the Orchards at Dover Plaza, located on NJ-37 W in Toms River.

Tickets cost $5. For additional information on tickets and showtimes, the Marquee Cinema can be reached at 732-341-7469. To keep up with what classic movie is reentering theatres next, visit