OCC Includes Books and Most Fees in Fall Tuition

OCC Includes Books and Most Fees in Fall Tuition

Ocean County College has recently made some significant changes to the way students pay for tuition, fees, and books. Beginning Fall 2020, OCC will bundle books and electronic course materials, as well as college and student fees, into the total cost of tuition. Students will also no longer pay a Student Fee, Tech Fee, IMAT, or registration fees.

This new tuition structure will save students a significant amount of time, money, and energy. The College will search for and purchase course materials for them, ensuring all students have the adopted books and/or other materials available on the first day of class.

In addition, some forms of financial aid and scholarships cover the cost of tuition but not fees, and this structure may allow students to receive more aid.

Bundling course books, materials, and most fees into tuition also increases the transparency and simplicity of bills, making it easier for students to understand the real price they are paying for a college education.

Additional details can be found at: go.ocean.edu/FallTuition.