Student Stories: Quarantine is Low-key Fun: Does That Make Me Weird?


Samantha Cassese, OCC Student

My time during quarantine has been anything but boring.

I work as a waitress in a retirement community so, as essential staff, I continue to work my normal shifts. In compensation for closing the dining room, we have resorted to deliveries only. From an employee’s perspective, it is a refreshing change of pace from the repetitiveness of serving, however, concurrently my heart goes out to all the residents confined to their apartments alone.

Apart from working, I have also done a ton of reorganization. My room has never been cleaner, much to my mother’s surprise. I even cleaned out my entire garage to turn it into a home gym. Luckily, I already owned some fitness equipment so I didn’t have to worry about scavenging the empty shelves of Walmart or Target. I got creative with my set up and devised the idea to clear off an unused wooden table to use for box jumps and squats.

I have also been enjoying all my favorite Disney movies as well as a series on Netflix called “Designated Survivor.” I got my whole family hooked on it. We watch it together every night while enjoying a new recipe to snack on. So far we have made strawberry protein milkshakes, chocolate chia seed pudding, miniature fruit crepes, and homemade tortilla chips and guacamole.

Additionally, on the occasional warm days, I try to get outside. Some of my favorite activities to do include running the trails of Winding River Park, bike riding, and taking pictures with my Polaroid camera to replicate in a painting on a rainy day.

While I am enjoying my time in quarantine, I sympathize with those who are currently unemployed or have sick relatives. Social distancing can become boring overtime and it is tempting to disregard recommended precautions in a desperate attempt for entertainment however, we all need to remember to stay six feet apart, practice proper hand washing, and stay smart so we can enjoy life out of quarantine by summer and give 2020 the reboot it needs.