OCC and NJIT Sign New Agreement


Staff Report

Ocean County College and the New Jersey Institute of Technology signed an academic programs partnership agreement on Monday, Dec. 16, to enable students to complete their Associate in Applied Sciences, Associate in Science, and Associate in Arts degrees at OCC and then transfer to a variety of four-year programs at NJIT towards achievement of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees. 

 The agreement allows students to plan their complete baccalaureate experience at the beginning of their college education, offers a seamless transfer to NJIT, minimizes duplicate coursework, and facilitates the recruitment of students into programs offered by both institutions.

 OCC’s associate degree programs consist of two-year preparatory curriculums for students who plan on transferring to bachelor degree programs offered by major institutions, such as NJIT. The A.A.S., A.S., and A.A. curriculums at OCC provide undergraduates with a strong foundation in their fields, along with problem-solving experience and communication skills.  

 The B.S./B.A. degree programs at NJIT prepare graduates to enter various professions in several areas, including Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Architecture and Design, and Management.

 Graduates of OCC will complete their B.S./B.A. degree requirements within two and a half years of full-time study at NJIT, assuming successful completion of each of the OCC transfer courses and the courses listed in the NJIT undergraduate degree catalog for the corresponding major of choice. 

Each institution will assign appropriate staff to serve as liaisons to assure ongoing communication between the two institutions; and, at least once a year, involved faculty and administrative staff will meet to discuss curriculum and other program details. 

 “Ocean County College is excited to expand its relationship with NJIT for the benefit of our students,” OCC President Dr. Jon H. Larson, said. “This agreement enables a seamless transfer to a nationally recognized, top 10 ranked polytechnic research institution for OCC graduates who complete required courses.”

“NJIT’s relationship with Ocean County College is among the earliest of partnerships with community colleges in New Jersey. Renewing and strengthening this agreement reaffirms our intent to further expand our collaborations for the benefit of students and citizens of Ocean County,” NJIT Provost Dr. Fadi Deek said. “This aligns perfectly with our mutual commitment to increase student opportunities for quality and affordable pathways to STEM education and career success.”