2019-2020 Staff

Lauren Lane

Hello! My name is Lauren Lane and I’m a journalism major here at OCC. I was apart of the journalism program at my high school, and wrote multiple current even articles for the paper there. I’m excited to be apart of the Viking...

Kaitlin Clutter

Hi! My name is Kaitlin Clutter and I am a journalism major here at OCC. This is my first semester here and I am very excited to be involved in the Viking News! In high school, I was the editor for the journalism program’s online...

Louis Cardenuto

I'm Louis Cardenuto, a mass media broadcasting major. I enjoy writing about tech, music and anything trending in the news. I hope you find my articles interesting and insightful.

Katie Lawrence

Katie Lawrence is a Digital Media and Production major with hopes to bring forth stories of art and entertainment. Through these articles, she hopes to provide media news while also bringing to light work that deserves more attention.

Kent Imperial

Kent Imperial is a Broadcast Production major and an aspiring filmmaker. In his free time, he produces gaming content online in hopes to entertain people across the internet. He is an avid anime fan and a fitness enthusiast

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