Dems Presidential Field Grows

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Dems Presidential Field Grows

Shannon Murphy, Politics Writer

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The Democrats were forecast to have a large running pool in the 2020 presidential election. Here are the candidates that are running so far.

Joe Biden, 76, officially announced his bid for the presidency. He is most known for his time as former president Barack Obama’s vice president. He is currently campaigning on similar policies to the Obama administration. However, Biden is currently facing public scrutiny after alleged misconduct with women on the campaign trail.

Cory Booker, 49, announced that he will be running for president. Booker rose to national notability when he became mayor of Newark. He is currently serving as a Senator for the state of New Jersey. He has also been in the public eye for alleged lewd remarks towards women.

Pete Buttigieg, 37, announced his bid for presidency. He currently is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg is a former naval officer in Afghanistan. He would also be the first openly gay married man in the presidential office and the first candidate to go from mayor to the presidency.

Julian Castro, 44, has also thrown his hat in the ring. He is the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Castro also served as mayor of San Antonio in 2009. A main plank in his campaign is education initiatives and reform.

John Delany, 55, will also be running for president. Delaney is known for his time in the United State House of Representatives. He, at one point was the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Tulsi Gabbard, 37, decided to announce her bid for the presidency. She is most known for being the first Hindu woman in Congress. She is facing backlash for meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2017.

Kirsten Gillibrand, 52, announced early on her run for 2020. Gillibrand is a Senator from New York. She is currently campaigning on her progressive stances on immigration and gun reform, which are a contrast to her previous campaigns for Senate.

Kamala Harris, 54, made a bid for presidency. She is a senator from California. She was a previous State Attorney General from California. She is running on planks such as Medicaid for All and the legalization of marijuana.

Beto O’Rourke, 46, has made a claim for the presidency. He is most notable for running against Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, while he served his third term in the House of Representatives. While his bid was unsuccessful, he gained a lot of recognition in the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders, 77, is making another run for the presidency. Sanders is a Senator from Vermont. Sander is known for his democratic socialist policies such as expanding Medicaid and making college accessible for all. He has gained popularity among younger voters and has a growing social media following.